MapSys 4.0

MapSys is a software that allows the user to easily build causal loop diagrams
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Simtegra is developing a series of powerful software that will enhance learning. The first product is MapSys™. MapSys™ is an easy to use systems thinking software that allows you to draw Causal Loop Diagrams and Stock and Flow Maps, simulate your stock and flow model and view the results using a powerful graphing component.

This software using the latest in software technology. MapSys™ relies on a powerful XML based problem definition and uses the .Net platform. The XML infrastructure allows us to easily integrate this software with other systems. We believe in open systems and will publish the exact format of input/output files. Proprietary file formats are not in the best interest of the user. They only protect the software vendor.

MapSys is a state-of-the-art software package that allows the user to easily build causal loop diagrams as well as stock and flow diagrams for describing relationship among parts of a complex social/business system. You can create system dynamic models and simulate them with ease inside MapSys. The results can be viewed using MapSys or they can be exported as a spreadsheet file for analysis inside spreadsheet programs such as Excel.

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